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Email vs Postal!

Nowadays, there is a huge difference between things from back then and now. One of them is the way we tend to mail things. The way we mail things now tend to be more on online than physically out in the real world. We still do use both, obviously,  because we still have items shipped to people using the postal mail.
The difference between the two, however, is how Email is through the internet. It doesn’t require any complicated process to get your message through to someone. It’s just typing the message online, type in the receivers Email, then click send and you’re basically done. While, the current postal services require you to physically write out the message on paper, envelope it and ship it through the mailbox. It also requires you to have a postage stamp on it while Email doesn’t.  Another difference between the two is the speed you’ll receive it by. The way the Email works takes only a few seconds for the other person to receive it when you click send, while the postal services…

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